Getting started

A checklist of things you need to do in preparation of launching your online shop.

  • Add the store items
    Products, categories, producers and attributes
    See products

  • Add one or more delivery schemes
    See delivery schemes

  • Complete the page content
    "/about us/", "/deliveryinfo/", "/terms/", "/privacy/", "/"
    see the "Default" theme and terms and privacy policies

  • Complete your shop settings
    In the "information" tab enter your trading name, address, telephone and email address. This will automatically update your "contact us" page in the store front and anywhere else you used the template language to write these values in.

    In the "communications" tab update your email address and name. This is where the emails your shoppers receive will come from.

  • Set up your domain
    In the "domain" tab of "settings" click on "set up your domain" and tell us your domain name. Once we have received your instructions we will take the necessary actions and inform you when they are complete. As part of our service we can register a domain name on your behalf and renew it as necessary. If you already have a domain name you can still transfer it to us for management. We will also link it to your online shop and buy and install the SSL certificate for your secure pages.

  • Get a payment gateway
    See payment settings

  • Go live!
    In the "general" tab of "settings" check the "online" box.

  • Your online shop is now open for business!


    If you need any help with any of the above please contact us