Our commitment to getting you launched

We understand that when it comes to getting an online shop ready to launch many retailers find themselves outside their comfort zone. For that reason we commit to getting you launched without any additional charge. Here's what that means:

We expect you to:

  • Load your products
  • Provide us with the information, text and images we need
  • Provide us with appropriate access to any third party accounts that we need, such as your domain name registrar or Google
  • Complete your store settings - see getting started
  • Register for your payment gateway - see payment settings

We will:

  • Create a theme for you based on our default theme that reflects your brand. This mainly means adding your logo and changing some colours. It does not mean changing the site layout or the flow of the pages.
  • Add your content to the static pages already there, specifically the "/about us/", "/deliveryinfo/", "/terms/", "/privacy/" and "/" (home) pages.
  • Add any additional static pages you may want (within reason).
  • Set up your delivery schemes and, as necessary, tweak your delivery page.
  • Add links to your social media sites.
  • Add Google Analytics tracking code (or similar).
  • Add a Google Map (or similar) to your "/contact us/" page.
  • Register a new domain name on your behalf, transfer your existing domain, or point your existing domain at your FoodCommerce online shop.

We always provide unlimited help and support by phone or email and understand and expect that you will need us the most at the start. Beyond how to do something we are also happy to offer opinions and advice should you want us to.

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